Dog Like Status
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Inspired by the breakdown of human relations from love to war and all things in between, singer and guitarist Ash began venting spleen with bassist Tim Lloyd and the nucleus of Dog Like Status was born.

From there a catalogue of intoxicating rock, grunge, and alternative songs was created. Dog like Status emerged in 2010 as three-piece rock trio and grew organically into an exciting four-piece outfit with the addition of lead guitarist Lenny, and a new drummer Rory.

Based in Brighton, UK, Dog Like Status, have been gigging regularly throughout the South of England and they are currently in the studio hard at work recording their debut album.

In September 2014 they released their debut single 'Love Sick' from their forthcoming album and directed a provocative music video to accompany the track.

Further single releases and their debut album are scheduled for 2015.


Released debut single Love Sick, September 2014 as a digital download on worldwide distribution. Love Sick recieved air-time on local UK radio staions and US College radio.

Directed, edited and produced the music video for their single, Love Sick, which recieved over 500 views in 2 months and was featured in the video news section of the Music Industry News Network newsletter in September 2014.


  • Love Sick
    [08-Sep-2014 / Single / Digital Download]


Currently Dog Like Status are running a rig of Drums, Bass Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals and Main Vocals. It's a pretty straight forward setup:

  • Vocals require 2 microphones, one for lead vocals and one for backing. Reverb is desired on both microphones.
  • Lead guitar is running through a Boss GT-100 effects pedal to a Marshall MG100 HDFX amplifier.
  • Rhythm Guitar is running through a Pedal board in to a Line 6 amplifier
  • Unless venue provides an amplifier, the Bass Guitar is sent direct through the P.A.
  • Drums are drums are drums, mic them and make them heart poundingly loud!


Ash burst in to life in 1968 on the crest of the flower power movement. Imbued with the Zeitgeist he felt destined to become a performer.

During his rebellious teenage years Ash picked up the bass guitar to vent his spleen and spill his heart. His musical knowledge was knocked in to shape at Brunel University, London, where he secured a BA in Music.

Ash spent many years teaching bass and playing bass in various local bands, as well as depping for the Ozric Tentacles. Eventually Ash settled down with Charlotte Street, a funk/rock outfit from Brighton.

Before long his passion for singing and guitar came frothing to the fore and he formed Dog Like Status, with Tim and Dave Lacey, the drummer of the well known Brighton band, Tragic Roundabout.


Lead singer and rhythm guitarist (and gadget lover) Ash has this box of tricks:

  • Epiphone Les Paul Custom electric
  • Yamaha APX900 electro acoustic guitar
  • Line 6 Spider III
  • Line 6 Echo Park
  • Boss OD2 Distortion
  • Boss Chorus
  • Boss Phaser
  • TC Helicon Harmony Singer
  • Fancy Lead with and on/off button
  • An array of pick holders
  • Left handed volume knob that goes all the way up to 1!


Sometimes known as the 'Glorious Leader' or occasionally 'Little Dog', Ash tends to sit yapping merry sundries at all who pass. Eventually he will bite the bullet and start snarling and spitting with pent up rage for no obvious reason at all. Often he can be heard saying: 'You know what your problem is, don't you?'

Like most little dogs, the bark is worse than the bite. The 'Glorious Leader', or more aptly, the 'Glorious Geezer' will bottle his emotions and ink them in to lyrical shapes, hammering them with an acoustic guitar until the 'MD' can get his dirty hands on them. Ash will most certainly buy you a beer, you'll welcome it. And his gnarling voice will lovingly haunt your memory forever more.


Tim has been playing guitar, bass guitar and drums for three-quarters of his life. During this time there's never been a period when he hasn't been in a band, but now he's ended up in the best one yet!

When he was 19, his drummer was poached by ex-housemartin Paul Heaton. This pissed Tim off, but at least he got a job as a roadie for the Beautiful South out of it!

He has dedicated his life to music and regularly annoys his fellow Dogs with his holier-than-thou attitude concerning his far superior knowledge of all things musical. But being Dog Like Status' MD he feels he has a right, nay duty, to do this.

He's had two record deals, has a degree in music, done loads of session work, taught guitar, bass and drums (which he still does) and even composed, performed, recorded and produced the music for a major TV advert.

Tim's pounding yet tuneful basslines marry exquisitely with Rory's precise thundering drumming, and together they produce a solid platform for Lenny and Ash's screeching yet harmonic guitars and vocals.


Bassist (and minimalist) Tim has this box of tricks:

  • Fender Squire Bass guitar
  • TNT Bass Amp 130W Combo
  • Studio Master 1.2K Powered Mixing Desk
  • 2 x 500W JBL PA Speakers
  • 2 x 500W Peavey PA Speakers
  • 1 x 200W Peavey Powered Monitor Wedge
  • 2 x 50W H&H Slave Monitor Speakers


Known as the 'MD' for his commanding role of the clan, Tim sits aloft his mighty bass amp looking down suspiciously and condescendingly at all outsiders to preserve and protect the Status. Like the 'Sniffer Dog' he's quick to spot a bargain, or even better, a deal. Tim 'The Merciful' sharply barks orders to constrain the wild pack's self destruction. Often betwixt testing the band's knowledge of majors and minors he can be heard saying: 'One love! What the fuck is that bollocks?'

It is common knowledge that as the 'MD' drifts towards OD he can be heard deliriously repeating '1 E & A', '2 E & A', '3 E & A', 4 E & A, '1 E & A'... over and over again. By the time he's on his fifteenth '4 E & A' your ears are bleeding from E & A's and all you can think about is your impending visit to A&E.

Tim will most definitely tell it like it is. He brings down his merciful fist adorned with his wealth of musicality, and time and time again, the 'MD' will hammer out a superb sonic structure from the sub-audible chaotic madness that the 'Glorious Leader' often espouses. In doing so the he lays the foundational bedrock from which the Dogs spring forth.



Fuelled by the sounds of Jimi Hendrix's Woodstock performance pumping through his headphones every single day on his way home from school, Lenny took it upon himself to buy a guitar and learn how to create such sonic pleasures.

He bought his first guitar age 14, with a pocket full of money he got for Christmas. With his cheap guitar firmly in hand, he set out determined to teach himself to play like the greats. It was a lot harder than he first imagined!

Before the Dog's came calling, Lenny was blending computer based electronic music with guitar sounds and tearing up local music venues playing guitar in an outrageous and offensive Brighton anarchist punk outfit.

Lenny's nerdish inclinations and his degree in physics gave him a decent grasp of sound engineering. This is being put to good use as he works with the band, mixing and producing Dog Like Status' debut album.


Lead guitarist Lenny has this box of tricks:

  • Fender Highway One HSS Stratocaster
  • Marshall MG100 HDFX
  • Boss GT100 Effects Pedal
  • Cubase SX3


Some say Lenny is not his real name and contrary to popular opinion he hates feng-shui. Lenny is firm in the belief that tranquillity is achieved by ordering the mind and not by re-arranging the furniture. And so he wanders around like a lumbering 'Guide Dog' spending his day directing the lame upon their way.

Known for his repressed anger and obtuse numerically analytic retarded quest for perfection, Lenny occasionally plays to his own off-beat rhythm. Sporadically this causes him to temporarily ascend the autistic spectrum against his own free will. At this point it is understood that: 'Lenny has done a Benny'.

To remedy such misadventures, both the 'Glorious Leader' and the 'MD' join forces and kick him swiftly up the backside. It's deemed necessary for both his own and the greater good.

Fortunately Lenny's magical melodic madness renders him forgiven for his lack of respect for abnormally short armed individuals. Like a dynamo his emphasis is on action not words, galvanising the inspiration that drips like potent saliva from the Dog's vocal orifice. Without doubt he decorates the foundational essence with unexpectedly interesting and utterly timeless sonic wallpaper.



Born in Leeds with a feisty mix of Italian and Yorkshire blood, Rory spent his infantile years travelling the length and breadth of Europe. He settled in Brighton aged 4, and was given a toy drum kit to mark his 4th Birthday. He broke the kit the very same day and has been smashing the drums with style ever since.

Rory grew up immersed in the fertile Brighton music scene and has over 15 years drumming experience. Currently he's studying for a B.A. In Professional Musicianship in Drumming at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music.

When he's not studying drumming, smashing drums or breaking toy drum kits, Rory can be found near a computer, mixing and producing Electronic Dance Music. And when he's not doing that, he plays X-Box (a lot).


Drummer Rory has this box of tricks:

  • Pearl Export Kit
  • Ludwig Kit
  • Sabian Cymbals
  • Vic Firth sticks (Size 7A)


The young pup of the band earned himeself the name 'menace'. Some say this was a deliberate attempt to misinform the proletariat and enforce a more suitable cockney rhyming slang with his surname, rather than accurately describe Rory's demeanour. The only morsel of menace this young pup demonstrates, is the venom to which he attacks the snare. At all other times Rory is hard to find, hiding beneath a cloudy haze, dimly lit late at night by the iridescence of an LCD display. His wild and accurate drumming marries gleefully with Tim's bass, forming the solid bedrock of rock.